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British Airways accused of snubbing refund request

Sat, 19 Sep 2020 23:29:11 GMT
A passenger is told she had accepted vouchers, although BA's website did not list them as an option.

‘Another lockdown would be disastrous for our business’

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 21:03:40 GMT
Restaurants and pubs are concerned new coronavirus restrictions could spell the end of their businesses.

UK DIY sales soar but clothing stores fall behind

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 10:28:15 GMT
The amount of retail sales continued to climb in August, but some sectors are still struggling.

Covid: £10,000 fines for self-isolation breaches

Sun, 20 Sep 2020 00:56:43 GMT
Boris Johnson says the change means people with coronavirus are legally obliged to stay at home.

US Supreme Court: Trump vows to nominate woman as Ginsburg's replacement

Sun, 20 Sep 2020 01:06:01 GMT
The US president says he will announce his nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg next week.

Ricin: Letter containing poison addressed to Trump at White House

Sun, 20 Sep 2020 01:07:02 GMT
The FBI and the Secret Service investigate the letter, intercepted before it reached the White House.